'Sex selfie stick’ gets internet buzzing

What is it? It is a new device that combines a vibrator and a camera. Sex selfie stick Technology never ceases to amaze me. The latest? This viral vibrator allows a user to film an orgasm from inside of a vagina. The footage can either be streamed live via Apple FaceTime, or transferred to a computer. Say What?! I'm not sure that I would want to film my orgasm, let alone upload it to watch. Hmmmm, or maybe I would? But looks like  there are LOTS of people out there super interested in doing so and the device is now sold out. Museums may be cracking down on selfie sticks, but there’s nobody stopping you from using one to capture the activity in your own bedroom. Some might even say that this very thing is being encouraged right now, based on how much the web is buzzing about the invention of a "sex selfie stick camera vibrator." Yes, it's true. An American adult toy company has found a way to combine sex with the self-portraiture tool everyone loves to hate. Wasn't it only a matter of time? The product, developed by Svakom USA, is officially called the "Gaga Selfie Camera Vibrator" (though it's more commonly being referred to by media outlets right now as the "sex selfie stick.") Retailing for approximately about $225 CAD at British adult retailer LoveHoney, the vibrator is 100 per cent waterproof "for shower or bathtub pleasure," holds an eight-hour charge, and is equipped an illuminated HD camera for "a clear view of internal contours and response during stimulation." Essentially, it allows a woman to film orgasms from the inside of her own vagina — and then upload the footage to a smartphone or computer, if she wants to. And for those who want to stream live video from their intimate selfie stick, it’s also compatible with Apple’s FaceTime. Really? "Whether you use it alone or with your partner, get to know your body in its beautiful entirety thanks to the remarkably clear footable this camera captures," reads the product’s description on LoveHoney.co.uk. "Thanks to its FaceTime compatibility, sharing the view with your lover couldn’t be easier, whether you’re sat right next to each other, or miles apart." The website also mentions that the vibrator is hypoallergenic, ecofriendly, body-safe … and completely sold out. While not everyone writing about the sex selfie stick seems taken with the idea of erotic "endoscopic exploration" (to borrow Svakom’s words,) it makes sense that this vibrator is flying off the shelves. I know this has a lot of people excited (no pun intended) but you still need to be careful what you put on the internet. Who knows who could find your Big O up close and personal. And FYI - LoveHoney’s YouTube video on the product has racked up hundreds of thousands of views since last week, when The Independent ran a feature on the product, going from just a few thousand clicks to nearly one million in 2 days time. Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/trending/sex-selfie-stick-gets-internet-buzzing-1.2981891 Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page or check out more from me on my blog at www.zuzanaorbodyrockaddict.blogspot.com  


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