The Sexiest Woman Alive is 40 Years Old - BS.

In a welcome move from Hollywood fuelled pop-culture norms, Esquire Magazine has named 40 year old actress Penelope Cruz the sexiest woman alive. Previous winners of this honour include last years winner Scarlett Johansson and other celebrity alumni's Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Rihanna and Charlize Theron. cruz3   Do we really believe that Penelope Cruz is the sexiest woman alive? No. Your annoying neighbour or the spin instructor at your local gym is likely sexier. Lets be honest - these honours are bestowed on celebrities that can sell magazines or more likely have a huge marketing push behind an upcoming movie. Celebrating 'sexy'  also is more hyperbolic and attention grabbing than celebrating Penelope's acting chops and takes a whole lot less journalistic elbow grease than an expose on the artist or the multidimensional human being behind the gifted genetics and million watt smile. cruz2   One positive that you can point to in this is that Esquire chose a woman over the age of 20. There has been a trend that seems to be picking up steam lately that has seen the media and entertainment puppet masters actively extending the shelf-life of female entertainers - banking on presenting them as 'sexy' still well into their 40's. Look at the resurgence of the original bubble butt J-Lo - at 45 she is still generating headlines like "Jenifer Lopez shows off killer abs".     Lopez looks phenomenal for ANY age in our books. She is clearly busting her ass to keep in shape. Celebrating women in their 40's is a positive step forward in a town that idolizes youth, but its not because the media industry has suddenly seen that being sexy and feminine doesn't stop at a brick wall when you turn 35. The real motivation continues to be the almighty dollar. Pushing "sexy" out to 45-50 and beyond is about extending the product life cycle to keep making bank. The longer your product is on the shelf the longer it can sell - thats true for everything from Milk to Dorrito's to the Kardashian clan. cruz4   Are women sexy at 40? Yes of course. Sexy is not about a number or PR. Sexy comes from the confidence to be the best version of yourself possible and owning whatever that happens to be. We call BS on anyone from the media that pats themselves on the back for celebrating sexy at 40 progressive. It sells and thats it. What do you guys think? Does sexy begin or end at a certain age?

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