Sexy Curves Can Go Beyond a Size Four

  When it comes to a female's body, there's lots of buzz about "what's sexy" or "what's not sexy." You are damned if you are too skinny. You are damned if you are too fat. You are damned if you are too tall. You are damned if you are too short. You are damned if you are too pale. You are damned if you are too dark. You are damned if you are too flabby. You are damned if you are too muscular. So WHAT THE HELL is supposed to be SEXY?? It is so crazy that a woman is so subjected to the topic of her looks, specifically regarding the size of the tag on her pants or the number on the scale. Back in the day, skinny women tried to gain weight. Full figured women were adored. It was okay to have "some" to love. So, what's changed? 208359_10150559521135574_7262613_n   208359_10150559521135574_7262613_n   208359_10150559521135574_7262613_n Models Robyn Lawley, Jada Sezer, and Shareefa J recently shot this ad for the swimsuit company Swimsuits For All. It reenacts this year's famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine cover photo featuring Chrissy Teigan, Lily Aldridge, and Nina Adga. In my personal opinion, it just just as beautiful as the SI shoot. You might remember Robyn from when Cosmopolitan magazine posted a picture of her, calling her "plus sized" which had people fuming. Your dress size or whatever numerical weight you have should not justify your beauty. If you are healthy and happy, then it is none of anyone's business. After all, it isn't skinny, fat, short, tall, pale, dark, flab, or muscle that makes women sexy. It is confidence.  208359_10150559521135574_7262613_n enell_sports_bra04     Here's a behind the scenes glimpse at the shoot and these remarkable women.   Photo credits: Swimsuits For All Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

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