Sexy in the Sunshine

This weekend I went to an awesome event in Portland called Yoga Rocks the Park. It's exactly what it sounds like. Yoga. Music. A ton of happy people rocking out! I love moving my body, especially in the sunshine. It had been a long time since I’d done yoga. Right away I felt the judgements swirling around in my head. You’re not good enough. That pose looks stupid. You’re going to fall over. ...Ugh! I had to let it all go. I had to replace these negative thoughts with more positive thoughts. It doesn’t matter if I fall. I’m alive. I’m healthy. I’m learning. I’m getting stronger every minute.   0705131329_0001 So I let myself feel sexy. We don’t always give ourselves that opportunity. We’re too shy about our bodies. We’re too insecure. But allowing ourselves to be sexy and strong is so gratifying. So worth it. My dream for us is that we begin to feel how powerful we are, how strong we can be--to keep on kicking it into gear in our lives and workouts. 0705131330Beautiful view, isn't it? This is happiness. Have you tried exercising outside this summer? I want to hear about it! I’m planning on doing a DailyHiit workout in the park by my house soon. I want to get outside and feel alive. And I know you do too. Rock on, Bethany

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