These Sexy, Provocative Lingerie Ads Are Actually Optical Illusions!

Lingerie brands are always trying to think up new, fresh marketing strategies to sell you bras and panties. Jane Pain does something radically different with their new ad campaign. The photos of seemingly provocative cleavage and bum cheeks, are actually elbows and knees. Take a look! lingerie ad These traditionally unsexy body parts, adorned in lacy lingerie and photographed at the right angle, can appear beautiful, alluring and sensual. The stunning pictures could fool anyone if they didn't see the bigger picture. The Argentinean lingerie brand teamed up with Conill Saatchi and Saatchi, a US ad agency. The tagline of each ad explains that if a light blue thong or lace panty can make a woman's elbow or armpit look sexy, imagine what the garments could do in the right place? lingerie ad The pieces are no doubt gorgeous, and make us think about our body's sensual spots. Photographed in an artful way, parts of us we often neglect can seem erotic. We are so frequently saturated with images of the usual boobs, butt, legs, stomach and face. We should be paying more attention to the beauty of our bodies on a whole, and not divide ourselves into parts. The company has pulled a kind of double-take stunt before. The used photo editing to make a 2012 campaign appear as though the models were exposing themselves, but their private parts were digitally edited out - making them almost look like a Barbie doll. Admittedly, their latest work is a lot more subtle and sensuous. What do you think of this unique campaign? Share your opinions with us!

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