Sexy Sweat On Me Mash Up BodyRock Workout

Hi BodyRockers, I've come to a game changing conclusion that I would like to share with you. If you dig what I'm about to share then take it on board - I think it's a key characteristic of a true BodyRocker. Here goes... Most problems, anxiety, worry and stress in life - including feeling unfulfilled - is caused by not being humbly grateful for your life and those friends and loved ones that you have in it. I'm convinced that just pausing mid stream to take stock of all of the things we each have to be thankful for can change your outlook and therefor your life in an instant. If you are reading these words be thankful for your sight. Start with the basics and work up. No matter what our circumstances are it is an honour just to be here. Thank god, or the universe or whatever divine spark you believe in - but be thankful. The most wondrous, beautiful and precious things in life - a kiss, a blue sky, the laughter of a friend are free. No amount of stuff will ever make us happy or feel more loved. Be thankful for your nice things, enjoy them for what they are, but don't get distracted by the stress and pressure that often comes from acquiring them or holding on to them. Be grateful for your heart and the beauty around you. Just like our workouts together, true love is always free :) Keep Rocking, Freddy P.S. - Try this exercise  - list 10 things you are grateful for right now. Share them in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Today we are bringing you a killer Mash Up Workout! When we put these workouts together we choose from our best exercises to make deliver a full body burn that is 12 minutes of body sculpting, fat melting, BodyRocking fun :) Enjoy this one and don't forget to post your scores!!! [wobreakdown] Set your interval timer to 21 rounds of 30 seconds work with a 10 second rest – & Bust out as many repetitions of the following exercises as you can.  This workout will take you a total of 14 minutes to complete.  You will be doing 3 rounds of 7 exercises. Workout Break Down: 1) One arm sand bag swing - using the pink Sandbag 2) Squat and Press Leg Lifts - using the pink Sandbag 3) Plank Press Up Drunk Chicken 4) Backward Lunge With Kick - using the pink Sandbag 4) Alternating Abs 5) Swinging Legs 6) Ugi Twist - using the Ugi Ball 7) Side to Side Abs - using the Ugi Ball * Ugi is offering free shipping for BodyRockers until March 24th* It's a significant savings!!! Click here for more details... Starting next week we are giving one lucky BodyRocker the chance to win a Brand New iPad 3, 16GB worth over $650 !! – You Just Have to Like our Facebook Page here to get involved !! Facebook: Your next workout will be posted on the site everyday to follow along with advice on diet & supplements to support your training. We will be posting pictures of some of our meals and daily trips out & about on our Facebook pages to give you guys a running idea about what we are eating a long with other tips and little pep talks so please “like” BodyRock.Tv on Facebook here for daily inspiration & motivation :))! For Lisa’s Facebook page click here, – She’s Talking about her NEW Boobs she will have on Monday !! Sean’s Facebook page click here, – He’s Posting a Babe of the Week for you to see. Freddy’s Facebook page: click here

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