Sexy to the Core!

Workout Break Down 1. Reverse Pull Ups using the Equalizer 2. Tricep Dips using the Equalizer 3. Hammer Curls using the Power Blocks 4. Bicep Curls using the Power Blocks 5. Around The World using the Power Blocks 6. Squats using the Power Blocks 7. Shoulder Press using the Power Blocks 8. Bent Over Row using the Power Blocks Avoid "Twat Creep" "You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with" - Tim Ferris When you have let someone pull you through a meat grinder and have resolved not to repeat the experience, you tend to become outspoken when you see other people around you getting set to throw themselves down a similar set of stairs. Good people fall pray to absolute twats every day - and when you have witnessed enough family and friends get dragged down emotional rat-holes you reach a point where it's time to say enough is enough. The bottom line is that we all need people around us that support our goals and our overall wellbeing. There is a really simple, easy to administer test that you can perform to see if the people you have around you make the cut. Ask yourself if you feel good when you are around them and when you leave their company. If you don't then you have your answer. If it's a mixed jumble of emotions you probably need to step away. Each of us has the absolute power to choose with whom we associate. If you spend time with negative, angry, abusive or toxic people it will weaken you. People with low expectations for their lives tend to be the ones that are the most voracious in ridiculing and belittling the dreams of others. We all deserve better. Avoid "twat creep" in your life. I believe in giving everyone a chance to prove that they are not arse-holes. If they cross the line then vote with your feet and make the break. No need for drama, just be busy when they call. Let's make a stand for basic decency in our lives and in our relationships with others - be strong - you are not alone! Freddy Friend Your Trainers on Facebook: BodyRock Main Facebook Here Lisa-Marie Facebook click Here Sean’s Facebook page click here Freddy’s Facebook page: click here

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