Sexy Toned Legs

  Fall is here and even though bikini season is over, toned legs are in all year long baby! Whether its to look cute in some tights or to rock a sexy dress for the holidays, this workout will do the trick. We are going to be using the equalizer for this workout, and if you don't own one you can get creative and use a bench or even a stability ball to rest your feet on if you have good balance. You want to keep your heart racing to get the most out of  your workout, so turn on some music and get in the zone. If you need new music you can always download the 8tracks app and pick a workout mix. This workout is going to be just 12 minutes of non stop action! So get your timers ready and put that game face on baby cause now we HIIT! Muscles to focus on: Legs and Gluteus

Tip: Remember to squeeze those booties and keep the core tight!

6 Exercises – 2 rounds | 50 Seconds Work – 10 Seconds Rest LETS GO!

1. Bulgarian Split Squat (Left Foot)

Lisa2 (67 of 109) Lisa2 (68 of 109) How to: Position your feet so that one foot is placed in the middle of the equalizer and the other foot is 2-3 feet in front of your body (think of lunge stance) Bend knees and lower your body until your right foot is about 1 inch from the ground and push back up with your heels. Tip: To really activate your glutes make sure that you squeeze your butt when you come up. Repeat with other leg for next round.

2. Bulgarian Split Squat (Right Foot)

3. Kick Back (Left Leg)

Lisa2 (69 of 109) Lisa2 (71 of 109) How to: Stand holding the equalizer with both hands with a wide grip. Kick your left leg back and squeeze your glutes tight and return to starting. Repeat with other leg for next round.

4. Kick Back (Right Leg)

5. Alternating Lunges

Lisa2 (73 of 109) Lisa2 (75 of 109) How to: Holding the equalizer from the bottom with both hands, perform by stepping forward 2-3 feet with one leg until knee is 1 inch from the ground. As you step out raise the equalizer to shoulder height and return to starting position and continue by alternating legs.

6. Curtsy Lunge

Lisa2 (76 of 109) Lisa2 (14 of 14) How to:  Stand with your feet hip-width apart, hands together in front of you to keep your balance. Take a big step back with your left leg, crossing it behind your right. Bend your knees and lower your hips until your right thigh is nearly parallel to the floor. Keep your core tight and alternate each leg. Share this workout with your friends and let me know if you have any questions by commenting below :) Post this picture on Instagram only if you completed the workout and tag me (@savellilisa) and I will shoutout one lucky Body Rocker! #fitfam #legday legday  

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