Shape Magazine Success Story Controversy

Brooke Birmingham worked for four years to lose 170lbs, documenting her whole journey on her blog “Brooke: Not On A Diet”, which promptly crashed after a media whirlwind. The hubbub was caused when Shape Magazine, wanting to promote Brooke’s journey in their success stories, refused to post her story with this after photo of Brooke in a bikini. article-0-1DA0B48700000578-935_634x842   Going through an extreme weight loss, you should expect certain mental and physical effects – one of them being extra skin. However, Shape Magazine told Brooke to submit a picture of herself that covered her midsection, sparking a whole lot of controversy. shapemagazinerejected5 Since the issue went viral, and her picture was seen probably more now than it would have been if they had accepted it in the first place, Shape Magazine has responded saying that it was a misunderstanding with one of their freelance writers assigned to Brooke’s story. Whether you agree with Brooke’s reaction to Shape or not, it certainly has started a conversation, and Shape Magazine is now going to feature Brooke and 5 other women who have gone through extreme weight loss, to show the realities of losing a significant amount of weight, and what comes after that weight loss journey.

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