Share Your "The Way We Met" Story With This New Instagram Account

If you're in a relationship and never tired of telling the story of your meeting, this new Instagram account may be right up your alley! This account is growing by the day and is a running list of couples telling their origin story. If nothing else, this account is a great reminder of how love can come to you at any time and in any number of ways. Here's a look at a few stories from The Way We Met. Beautiful, really: insta1 "So how did this southern belle from South Carolina and this city boy from Michigan end up together? It all started 2 years ago when we met on a college internship program at Disney. We worked together for nearly 5 months before we realized we were perfect for each other. After that, we were inseparable; stealing kisses from each other at work and trying to hide it from our co-workers. When the internship ended, our relationship was long distance for a while because I had to go back to school and he stayed to pursue his career. Now, we live together in Orlando where our fairytale began. I guess the moral of the story is Disney Magic IS real!" insta2 "Early in 2013, I went to a psychic and the woman told me I was going to fall in love, and when I met that person, I would know immediately. She mentioned he was artistic, as was I, but we wouldn't share the same medium. She also said he would appreciate my quirkiness. On Memorial Day of 2013, I moved into Chris' building for my art residency. He was the RA on my floor and immediately noticed me in my eclectic purple jeans. I noticed him too. When I first walked into my room, I realized I didn’t have a bed and the ceiling above my shower was peeling. Chris came to my rescue, bringing me a brand new mattress and after enough pestering, repaired my ceiling. A few days later, Chris took the plunge and left a handwritten note on my door. We went on our first date a week later and the rest is history!" insta3 "We met at an open club meeting. This was during a time when girls had clubs and opened their homes on Friday nights to guys who came by for recorded music, dancing, and cokes. All very different from today. We just celebrated our 63rd anniversary." Great stories! So, if you just can't stop telling your story and your kids are rolling their eyes and your friends are just tired of hearing it, maybe it's time to share your story with the world!

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