Sharon Stone Embraces Her 'Flapjack Ass'

Not only does Sharon look unbelievable for her age, but the 57-year-old has been through quite a health battle. Posing nude for Harper's Bizaar, the Basic Instinct actress bared her body and soul as she explained how eating well and working out has kept her fit, toned and above all - healthy. After suffering an aneurysm, Sharon spent two years learning to walk and talk again. The sex symbol became a survivor, and now she feels like she is back on top! What is her secret to looking so fiercely fit in her 50s? [bctt tweet="Sharon Stone Embraces Her 'Flapjack Ass'"] “Every time I exercise, I do something different based on which areas need to get in motion." Sharon explained in an interview with Shape last year. “Sometimes I do a series of standing leg lifts and circles in the tub, using the water as resistance.” Her creatively unconventional approach to fitness also has her dancing, doing yoga and strength training. This variety of activity helps her maintain her lean, envy-worthy frame. Sharon's phenomenal bod is also a result of her healthy eating habits. She is hooked on cleansing herbal teas while limiting sugar from her diet and eating foods high in antioxidants. "I'm aware that my ass looks like a bag of flapjacks." Sharon joked before her completely nude shoot. Oh Sharon, you know you look fabulous. Is Sharon Stone one of your fit inspirations? Sources: Elle, Daily Mail  

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