Shaving with Peanut Butter and 6 Other Health and Beauty Hacks

Forget dolling out hundreds of dollars for specialty beauty and health products. These wacky home fixes will keep your body and your wallet happy. For example, next time you hit the shower why not lather up your hair with some Budweiser? Sometimes we have to wonder how people discover these things...

Hack #1

Treat Sunburns with Tea   Tea is often used in those high priced skin creams as an active ingredient for protecting your skin. But black tea also makes a great sunburn treatment. Gently apply cooled black tea to your scorched skin areas and it will soothe and supercharge recovery!

Hack #2

Use Lemon as Your Deodorant   Lemons can lighten your hair, repel bugs and they also make a good deodorizer. Apply lemon juice straight to your pits for fast, effective odor-eating.

Hack #3

Drink Cherry Juice Post-Gym   In need of a recharge after hitting a hard workout at the gym? Skip the sports drinks and grab some cherry juice. Tart cherry juice (not the one with lots of sugar), is an essential tool in reducing swelling in your muscles and help kick recovery into high speed. Cherry supplements are also effective!

Hack #4

Eat Fish to Reduce Stress   Omega-3 rich fishes like salmon are amazing at lowering your risk of heart disease and cancer. They can also lower anxiety and inflammation induced depression. A study proved high-stress medical students who consumed Omega-3 felt significantly more relaxed and focused.

Hack #5

Shave with Peanut Butter   Out of shave gel? Slap on a jar of Skippy! Stick to the creamy kind for a smoother application. It really works and the oils in peanut butter naturally moisture and soften skin.

Hack #6

Exfoliate with Avocado Avocado is crazy healthy for your skin and is used as a main ingredient for face masks. You can just mash off the flesh and apply directly to your face, or add in some yogurt for extra moisture benefits.

Hack #7

Wash Your Hair with Beer   Beer for beautiful hair? Yes, Catherine Zeta Jones once revealed that her secret to luscious locks is cracking open a cold one! Beer is full of healthy proteins and nutrients that develop strong hair. The alcohol in beer cleanses and leaves a brilliant shine. Pour a can over your head and let the suds sink in for about 4 minutes before rinsing. Following up with a fragrant conditioner will get rid of the boozy stench. Don't just take our word for it. Try these crazy household hacks for yourself and share the results with us!      

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