She gained 14lb and never felt better about it!

Neghar Fonooni: Inspiring Reverse Progress Photo Fitness Pro Neghar Fonooni weight 120 lb and had a body fat percentage of 12% in 2009. She was in her words "I was ripped out of my mind and also ACTUALLY out of my mind." Counting every calorie that went into her body and working out insane amounts! Damn did she look good but at what cost? Five years later in 2014 she weighted in around 134lb and her body fat went up to 18%. And her response to this? "I am active, strong, and fit. I'm not RIPPED, and I honestly DO NOT care." She isn't going insane stressing over every calorie or working out for 2 hours every day. She has a healthy lifestyle and is a mom and a wife! Fonooni started a movement with her picture that she called the "reverse progress" showing the difference in her body between 2009 and 2014. She looks at the picture and said that it may be called ""reverse progress,” but I actually think it's real progress. I'm happier now." Fonooni is encouraging positive thinking when it comes to our bodies, it's hard not to think that just because she is a fitness pro she should be "ripped" all the time and she wanted to stress that she was "sharing this with you because I want you to see that fitness professionals aren't perfect." Being happy with your body, and loving who you are translates into being happy in general! Thanks to Fonooni for helping to show that happiness is about more than just get jacked up and being lean!   Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat code snapcode

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