She Lost 176 Pounds But What She Gained Is Even More Impressive

Magic Barclay is a motivational speaker and the author of  Stop Being Fat: Love Yourself Skinny. Over the course of her impressive weight loss journey, she learned a valuable lesson. Successful weight loss comes down to mindset. She certainly doesn't dismiss the value of diet and exercise in losing weight but she believes that unless someone is willing to also make the mental changes, the weight will remain. Barclay's 11 year journey began when her then 5-year-old son came to her in tears. He said he wished he could put his arms around her the same way other kids did with their moms. That was what she needed to hear. “In the first few years of motherhood, my weight skyrocketed,” she said. “I gained 40-50 kilograms [88-110 pounds] with each pregnancy and my devotion to my kids was a convenient excuse to neglect the battle my body was fighting with my weight.” Her two sons, both born with special needs, gave her an excuse to not bother looking after herself.   “I didn’t value myself and had no idea that my inability to put my health on the priority list was harming my boys in more ways than one,” she said. “I was very unwell mentally and physically and did not love who I was.” This is a trap many mothers find themselves caught inside. They miss the fact that one of the most loving things you can do for your children is to love yourself. Barclay says it took 8 years for her to learn that the secret to losing weight and keeping it off was to heal the mind along with the body. It took her another 3 years to put this philosophy into practice. It wasn't until Barclay dealt with past trauma and abuse that her body began to really change. “The reality is unless people are prepared to change their mindset and address the root cause (of their weight gain) then nothing will change,” she said.   Barclay believes the heart of weight loss is understanding that there is no such thing as the perfect body. Some people can lose weight and still be unhappy. The changes need to run deeper than appearance. “The journey was long and hard but knowing that I was setting a good example for the kids and knowing that one day, they would be able to embrace me was all the inspiration I needed to stay on track,” she said. Losing weight is not an easy thing and it can be deeply personal and painful. At BodyRock, we understand how tough it can be and want to help you heal and move forward in the joyous life you deserve. And believe us, you do deserve it! If you are stuck and don't even know where to begin, let us help. You can sign up, for free, for our 30-day BodyRock Beginner Bootcamp. The program is specifically designed for people taking their first steps toward a healthier life. Our trainer, Edith, will walk you through her program offering valuable advice and encouragement. The workouts last 10-12 minutes so they are easy to fit into a busy schedule. Sign up here and get started today! Sometimes, just taking that first step toward loving yourself can make all the difference. Be kind to your body. Be kind to you. After that, the rest is easy. Source:

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