She Pretends To Be A Nerdy And Shy Girl At The Gym. In Reality She Is A Kickboxing Champion!

She is a professional Muay Thai champion, but she's pretending to be a beginner. Acting like she has no knowledge on the subject she pretends to get hurt and fumble. They tell her not to be scared and she can do it. Eventually, she shows her true colors, and wow! She shows these guys what she is made of. We had a huge grin on our faces when we watched this! In this case she was pretending to be less than she is. In our day to day lives we often sabotage ourselves by telling ourselves that we are less than we are. It's an important take away from this cute video. Did you know that the number #1 reason women don't workout is that they are afraid that they will look stupid and foolish? Let me tell you something - you are stronger than you think. You are more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Don't blunt your impact on the world and in your life by talking yourself down into mediocrity. You CAN do ANYTHING when you align your beliefs about yourself with the outcome that you want for yourself. Stop pretending to be less than you are. Stop it right now. We have a 30 Day challenge starting June 1st. It's 100% free. We send you a series of workouts over the 30 days and there are rest days included too. Why not sign up and train with us? Even if you are a total beginner, and you only do 1 rep of each exercise. Even if you play the video and just walk in place. Something is always better than nothing and you can prove to yourself right now that you are more powerful than you have been giving yourself credit for. You can sign up for free here. 11168039_1136851689675066_7873783887607881389_n If you like this make sure to share it! H/T:

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