Shed Pounds In One Day: The 8 Simple Life Hacks You Need!

Want to feel and look better by tomorrow? It's not a gimmick and can easily be done! You don't need any fancy equipment or an expensive juice cleanse, just a healthy mindset and a willingness to try. Give these 8 hacks a try today and see noticeable improvements by tomorrow.

#1 Get Some Sun

Sunlight not only improves our mood and boosts our energy, it also helps lower our Body Mass Index, according to new research. Wake up with the sun (that means skip the blinds and curtains). Get those rays in during the day (while using a protective sunscreen, of course) and feel instantly rejuvenated. Sun rebalances your metabolism and assists your body in torching fat while you sleep!

#2 Get Your Protein

Protein is essential for good health and weight loss. It can help squash junk food cravings before they happen! Load up your morning smoothie with protein powder and remember to eat eggs, probiotic Greek yogurt, soy milk, salmon, chicken and lentils. Your waistline and your energy level will see a significant improvement.

#3 Work It Off

Start your day with a workout.  It's best to workout in the morning because it revs your metabolism for the whole day and keeps you burning fat. You can try running, Pilates, yoga or swimming. For some great workout ideas, check out SweatFlix℠.

#4 Drink H2O

Water is a weight loss best friend! Fill up in the morning and keep hydrated all day long. You can make fruit-infused water with the added nutrients of fresh berries, grapefruit or kiwi if you get bored of the taste. This will help flush out toxins and get rid of belly fat. [bctt tweet="Shed Pounds In One Day: The 8 Simple Life Hacks You Need!"]

#5 Sleep Longer

Easier said than done, right? But getting enough zzz's in a night is one the best things you can do to improve your health and slim down. Studies show that those who don't get enough sleep at night have an increased appetite and tend to binge on bad-for-you foods more often. Try going to bed a little earlier at night or snoozing a little later into the morning. You may also want to try  using relaxing music and lavender scents to drift off easily.

#6 Walk More

Walk everywhere! It is the best way to torch fat and curb your appetite. Take the stairs, walk to work instead of taking the bus, walk to the grocery store, walk your dog. It gets your heart rate pumping and blood flowing and it even improves your focus.

#7 Pack Your Own Food

Stop buying food from the work cafeteria or picking up a burger on the way home. Pack healthy snacks like hummus and veggies, greek yogurt, smoothies and fruit puree to keep you going throughout the day. Eating more during the daytime will squash those late night cravings. For tasty and exciting healthy meals, take a look at the BodyRock Meal Plan!

#8 Think Positive

Take a positive attitude with you throughout the day. Wake up with enough time to get everything done so you don't feel like you're rushing. Do some calming yoga or meditation in the morning to balance your mind. Eat something delicious and nutritious for breakfast and give yourself time to enjoy and digest it. Avoid stress, limit screen time, take breaks and remember to breathe. A rushed, stressed out life can add weight and cause digestive disruptions. What are your secrets to losing weight? Share them with us!

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