The Shocking New Cause of Weight Gain

If you ask me the one thing I changed in my diet to lose weight I would tell you that it was giving up processed foods and buying all natural whole foods.  I regularly eat clean and avoid fast food restaurants at all cost. I also grow the majority of my own fruits and vegetables.  I am a soil scientist from the University of Florida and with that degree comes the knowledge of how pesticides can affect your body in more ways than one. In a recent study researchers used gene expression analysis to look at the biochemical effects of common persistent organic pollutants (POPs) on immature and mature fat cells in lab cultures. While these chemicals showed enhanced chemical effects in both immature and mature fat cells, the most damage occurs in younger fat cells. In both cases, scientists believe the damage comes from the low-grade inflammation these chemicals cause. These pesticides especially trigger enhanced fat retention around the midsection in women. Simple terms: Pesticides Cause Weight Gain I know that it is not cheap to buy organic, so I have included a list of fruits and vegetables that the Environmental Protection Agency consider to be the leading foods in retention of pesticides.  So, if at all possible, at least purchase organic in these foods below.  If you cannot purchase organic (for whatever reason) then add 1/2 cup white vinegar with your sink full of water and soak vegetables for 5 minutes.  You will start to see a filmy oily ring appear in your water as the pesticides leach from the foods. 1) Potatoes: potatoes carry more pesticides by weight than any other food tested 2) Snap Peas: A single snap pea carried 13 different pesticides 3) Cherry Tomatoes: Single cherry tomato carried 13 different pesticides 4) Cucumber: no change from last years ranking as 9th on the dirty dozen list 5) Sweet bell pepper:   A single bell pepper had 15 pesticides 6) Spinach: Down from seventh on the dirty dozen list to 6th, its leafy texture allows for easy uptake of pesticides 7) Celery: Another vegetable that ranks high on the dirty dozen list at 6th  in 2015 8) Grapes: A single Grape contained 15 pesticides 9) Strawberries: One strawberry had as many as 13 pesticides 10) Nectarines: 97% of every imported nectarine analyzed tested positive for at least 1 pesticide. 11) Peaches: 98% of every peach sampled tested positive for at least 1 pesticide 12) Apples: 99% percent of all Apples sampled tested positive for 1 pesticide.   Results by Environmental Working Group 2015

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