The Shocking Truth About What Sugar Does to Your Body

Learning to eat right takes time, as there is a lot of information out there. I recently have taken big strides to reducing my sugar intake, but it has come with research and some hard work. Sugar is prevalent in our diets and not a lot of us even know it. As children, we are always told too much sugar is bad, but our parents never really stressed why. What Is Sugar? Sugar comes from plants, often derived from sugar cane or sugar beets. It has absolutely no nutrients, protein, vitamins or fibre. It is an empty substance. Why Is Sugar Addictive? Studies have shown that people react to sugar the same way they react to an addictive drug. Withdrawal from sugar inflicts symptoms of depression, tiredness, headaches and limb pain. The more sugar you eat, the more your body needs that "sugar high". You'll find yourself craving sweeter, sugary foods in higher quantities. What Happens When You Eat Too Much Sugar? Short term: The short term health effects of a high sugar diet include hyperactivity, moodiness, insatiable hunger, anxiety and susceptibility to colds and flus. Long term: Excessive sugar consumption can cause serious health issues. It can be linked to obesity, depression, ADD, cancer and heart disease. Sugar can cause weight gain as the liver begins converting unused sugar to fat. Your liver is damaged by this and fat builds up in your body. Long term sugar consumption can cause cavities and tooth decay by eating away at tooth enamel. What Foods Have Sugar? A startling 74% of packaged food contains sugar. Foods labeled "low fat" often have excess sugar added to them, along with chemically coloured foods. Reading labels is essential to understanding the safety of your food. Share with us your experience cutting down on sugar! Got any delicious recipes that are low in sugar? Let us know!

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