Shockingly Thin Mannequin

There was big controversy over lingerie label La Perla’s “shockingly thin” mannequin, after a picture was posted on Twitter with the caption “How does #LaPerla think ribs on a mannequin is ok?!” taken by a passing customer. It was met with a flurry of comments, all appalled with the underweight mannequin. article-0-1DCDEBC400000578-807_634x841 Some people have accused those offended by the mannequin of getting their knickers in a twist over nothing. The fact that La Perla was so quick to respond may prove those people wrong. Within hours of the tweet being posted, a representative removed the mannequin, apologized, and stated that the mannequin would not be used again. Very unlike J.C. Penny, who also came under fire for a mannequin with matchstick thin legs, and failed to respond. mannequin2 Another more valid argument is that some people are naturally this thin, sometimes ribs do poke out, and this is just another case of a double standard, putting down thin bodies in favour of larger ones. Companies are failing to represent the variety of women's sizes, the use of thin mannequins could be less shocking if balanced by a range of other sized mannequins. With jutting ribs and a concave stomach, many people were concerned with the message this would send people, but here’s my question: It’s a mannequin, why does it need ribs at all? And while we’re on it, why do mannequins have nipples?

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