Shopaholic HIIT Workout

It gives happiness but it´s very exhausting to do it for hours. This HIIT Workout will let you  be a shopping queen. Use the rest to get in plank, this strengthens your core for standing in line.

Set your timer. 50 seconds work & 10 seconds rest.

10 sec Plank 50 sec. Squat & Press The Squat is a fantastic exercise for all muscles you need to find bargains in the lower shelves. Press is to grab the last purse from the higher shelves.

10 sec. Plank 50 sec. Burpee The last lipstick is rolling under the shelve, the burpee makes no problem to catch it.

10 sec. Plank 50 sec. Step up All escalator are closed today, running up the stairways to the third floor.

10 sec. Plank 50 sec. Lunge Twist Walking through the shops for hours, put down and take up your shopping bags, can make you look like a walk

10 sec. Plank 50 sec. Sandbag Swing Looking sexy by carrying your Shopping bags.

10 sec. Plank 50 sec. Weight Pass Scissors

Make it easy to attract and pull out the 100 leggings.

Beginners try this for three rounds, advanced try 5 rounds.

I hope you enjoy.

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