Shots of Olive Oil For Weight Loss - Could This be The New Thing?

Diets are much like fashion. They eventually all come back around just like old fashion does. There are diets of the past that are now making their way back around to us now. One of the diets in particular consist of taking shots of olive oil or even drinking sugar water in between each meal. This will prevent you from snacking during the day and also will keep your weight in check. There is a theory that bland calorie cocktails will weaken the body’s association between calories and flavor, which will lead to eliminating those pesky cravings. A psychologist, Seth Roberts, had first announced his idea in a book called “ The Shangri-La-Diet.” He stated that he lost 35 pounds in just three months when he consumed 100 to 400 calories of just unflavored sugar water, bland foods, and olive oil. There is no specific study that says this way of dieting will work, but there is a psychological theory when it comes to eating flavorless meals, and how it can read train the brain to disconnect a flavor and the food.   Today, many experts are stating that because there has not been any studies that back this theory up, there would be no valid reason to think this would work in the first place. Although experts may think this way of dieting doesn’t work, there are still many fans of this way of eating because it stops them from going full force into snacking between meals. Although olive oil may prevent you from snacking in between meals, other foods can as well. The other foods include Chia seed pudding, plain Greek yogurt, or a handful of almonds. Not to mention, these alternate foods will taste much better than olive oil. Would you try this way of dieting? Let us know!

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