Should America's Top Athletes show off their NAKED bodies?

They are at the top of their games, and now they are showing off their athletic bodies for the fifth annual ESPN Magazine's The Body Issue. In the eagerly anticipated issue, which will be available for purchase on July 12, the athletes strike provocative poses to celebrate their athletic talents. Although the issue features sexy snaps of fully nude sports stars like UFC's Miesha Tate - the No.1 bantamweight contender - the striking photos deliver knockout curves without crossing the line. While appearing nude, the athletes are positioned strategically as to not give up the goods - keeping the shots tastefully motivational. None the less there has been a backlash against the images with some commentators on social media sites calling them "disgraceful" and "pornographic" One commentator stated that "as roll models for younger generations athletes have a moral responsibility to conduct themselves accordingly". What is your take on the images? Do they cross the line or do they inspire you? Leave your comments below.








20130708-185441.jpg Courtney Force, Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried, UFC's Miesha Tate, Matt Harvey, Snowboard Elena Hight.

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