Should We Sexualize Mothers-to-be During Pregnancy?

Pregnancies are something Hollywood virtually salivates over.  There's so much to photography and to dish about the minute details of outfits.  Olivia Wilde is the most recent celeb to garner more media attention because of her pregnancy. article-2537588-1A8FA80100000578-272_634x1052 There's a constant "pregnancy watch" going on at most (if not all) of the celebrity watch websites.  It's nothing new.  Media outlets seem anxious to get that great shot of a pregnancy celebrity at her worst. article-2537545-1A8F193200000578-397_634x862 Emily Blunt also happens to be pregnant and the attention is astounding.  Although the men who write articles referencing how a floaty shirt is meant "to hide her bump" are completely clueless.  It's because its comfortable and all women who've even been pregnant know it's impossible to "hide" the bump after a certain point. Beyond on the articles though lies something much more controversial.  A great burden is placed on pregnant women, not just celebrities, concerning weight gain and clothing and acting like nothing is changing within their bodies.  Mothers-to-be are also hyper sexualized in the media like this quote from Popoholic: "Here’s pregnant Olivia Wilde looking scorching hot and a whole lot bustier than usual while prancing around Los Angeles. Yes, that’s why I’m posting pregnant photos of Olivia Wilde. Why else would I be posting photos of a girl that I should be dating and who’s carrying some other jerk’s baby? Anyways, enjoy!" Their article is entitled "Olivia Wilde's Hot Pregnancy Watch."  We all know Olivia is gorgeous but at what point does it just become crass and vulgar to talk about their "bustiness" or other bodily changes.  There's something special about women who are carrying a child...something beautiful about pregnancy. Perhaps we should just back off mothers and mothers-to-be in general.  Offer them more courtesy and more grace instead of criticizing their every move and outfit.

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