The Up Side of New Year's Resolutions: Janopause WORKS!

If you're like the other 60% of Americans, you make one or many New Year's resolutions.  One incredibly popular resolution from the 21+ crowd is giving up alcohol or Janopause.  It's not a surprise after a month and a half of probably over indulging more than usual.  It turns out that maintaining that resolution for just five short weeks (64% of Americans whose resolutions last that long) can do your body a immense amount of good. New research that was prompted by New Scientist journalist Andy Coghlan, has shown the extent of those benefits.  Nine of Andy's colleagues who are all moderate drinkers took part in the study.  After cutting out all alcohol for five weeks the volunteers shed an average of 3.3 lbs, their cholesterol levels dropped by 5%, and their blood glucose levels also dropped by 25%.  Their livers also greatly recovered as their liver fat levels dropped by 15%.  The volunteers also stated that they slept much better and felt more alert at work. So the long and short of it is, if you can give up alcohol for just over a month you'll do your body an immense amount of good and your liver will be able to tolerate the next onslaught of alcohol better.  However much we many all enjoy our really isn't that great for your body and it certainly doesn't help weight loss efforts.  One glass of wine or a bottle of beer can lower your metabolism by over 70% because your body can't store it and must metabolize it at once. So here's the challenge, for the next five weeks, give up alcohol.  Give your body a rest.  Let your body heal.  It'll come at the perfect time while you're partaking in the New 30 Day Challenge  

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