Signs You Might Be Ill #1: Peeing Problems

This series of posts will look at some of the things to be on the lookout for, signs that you may have some form of illness--some of which may be more serious than you might think! First off, problems with peeing. This is a problem that affects men, particularly as they age. Some men feel the need to pee more often, usually while they are trying to sleep. They may have trouble getting that stream started, and the flow is either weak or easily interrupted. If you frequently feel an overwhelming urge to use the restroom, it may be a sign of cancer. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="628"] Source:[/caption] An enlarged prostate is one cause of these peeing problems, but prostate cancer is the other cause. You may need to get a PSA test to check for prostate cancer, and you will definitely need to undergo that dreaded prostate exam you've been dodging your whole life. Whether it's prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate, it's not a health problem you want to let slide!
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