Signs You Might Be Ill #10: Lymph Node Changes

Your lymph nodes are small glands found in your neck, under your armpits, around your grain, and even in your stomach. These bean-shaped glands are responsible for the production of the cells that protect your body from disease and pathogens. Swelling in the back of the neck is a common sign of cancer of the lymph nodes, though it is also a sign that your body is fighting a serious infection. If you're suffering from a strong cold, the lymph nodes could swell up. If, however, the swelling persists after a couple of weeks, it's definitely a sign that there is something more serious happening in your body.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="540"] Source:[/caption] Aside from the common infections that can cause the swelling in your lymph nodes, there are two types of cancer that could be the cause: lymphoma and leukemia. If there is visible swelling in the back of your neck or under your armpits, it's time to get yourself to the doctor and have your lymph nodes checked out.   Featured Image Source: Resources: ,  

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