Signs You Might Be Ill #11: Chronic Pain

It can be hard to tell your aches and pains apart. You may not know the difference between an ache in your back from working too hard at the gym and a back problem in the making. However, if you experience pain in the same location for more than just a few days or weeks, it could be a sign that something is seriously wrong. For example, joint pain is common when doing exercises (with the wrong form), but when the joint pain persists, it could be a sign of arthritis. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="430"] Source:[/caption] If you are experiencing pain in a body part that you have previously injured, it may be a sign of cancer. For example, some people develop bone cancer in the same place where they broke their bones--even years in the past. Pain of simple injuries don't last for longer than a few weeks, so pain that lasts for more than a month could be an indication that there is something more serious going on. Pain can even be an indication of cancer spreading around your body!  
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