Signs You Might Be Ill #2: Headache and Head Pains

Most people write off headaches as a regular problem, particularly if they are under a lot of stress. However, if the pain of your headache gets bad enough, it could a sign that there is something seriously wrong! If there is a tumor in your brain, the growth puts pressure on the brain plates (the plates of your skull) and your brain itself. This pressure can cause a permanent headache, or it may cause you to feel waves of pain. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="646"] Source:[/caption] Another cause of head pain and headaches is spinal cancer. Those with spinal cancer experience back pain even when they don't strain their spines, and the stimulation of their nervous systems can cause pain in the brain. Migraine headaches follow a very specific pattern--find out more here--so you should be able to distinguish the pain of a migraine from the headache pains caused by other causes. If you've got unexplained headaches, it may be worth getting your head checked out.  
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