Signs You Might Be Ill #4: Testicular Changes

The fact that your testicles are hanging in a hard-to-reach place means that you may not be able to SEE any changes in the 'gentlemen', but you can often feel the changes taking place--changes that could indicate cancer problems. Some men notice that their fellas become much heavier than is normal (even with regular intercourse to 'drain the main vein'). There is always the terrifying lump growing on the testicles, but pretty much anything that looks out of place downstairs can be a sign that there is something going on.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="534"] Source:[/caption] One thing to keep in mind: testicular cancer can grow VERY quickly. Prostate cancer is a much slower cancer, but cancer of the testes can grow incredibly fast thanks to the massive quantities of hormones floating around inside the sack. You will need to take a physical exam (coughing while cupped), get a blood test, or perhaps even get an ultrasound of your testicles in order to find the cause of the changes in your testes.  
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