Signs You Might Be Walking Down the Aisle to Divorce

It’s cake and a party until the honeymoon ends. Here are signs you should look for and act on before you go from “Just Married to “Just Divorced.”

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Your partner shows a lack of interest

Whether it’s your birthday or an anniversary, if he or she forgets to get even a simple card, it might be a sign of more than just their forgetful memory. When you love someone, it’s easy to forgive them for their mistakes, but doing it time and time again just enables them to treat you poorly.

Your Phone Calls Turn Into Rant Sessions

Do you remember how hearing her voice through the phone made you smile from ear-to-ear? At the start of a relationship, it was fun to get a surprise call from your significant other. Now instead of calling to say she misses you, she calls to complain that you didn’t take out the garbage like you promised.

They go out with their “friends” instead of you

Do your plans constantly turn into group gatherings or he’d rather stay home and watch the game then catch a movie with you?  Spending time apart with other friends and family is healthy for both of you, but when it starts to become a habit, there’s likely a problem.

You end up fighting over literally everything

Constantly fighting about meaningless things is usually a sign that you have bigger issues bottled up inside that you aren’t ready to confront yet.

Communication becomes Confrontation

Both partners should be able to openly share their thoughts and feelings, preferences and opinions with one another without being shut down. If your conversations become one-sided, selfish or controlling maybe it’s time to rethink things.

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