Sip Carefully! Infographic Reveals Where In The World It Is Safe To Drink The Tap Water

We keep telling you to stay hydrated but depending on where you are, drinking water from the tap can be a dangerous move. Illnesses that can be transmitted through water include cholera, hepatitis A, typhoid and travellers' diarrhoea. The following infographic uses information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other agencies to show you where you can and cannot drink from the tap: 2C1CF03D00000578-3227566-image-a-32_1441800781175 If you are travelling to a place where the water is deemed unsafe to drink, remember to avoid ice in your drinks and any uncooked fruits or vegetables -- unless you have peeled them. When brushing your teeth, use bottled water. And don't forget to check that bottle of water to ensure the safety seal is intact. In some places people have been known to sell tap water in old water bottles. It is important to note that not all the places listed as having 'unsafe' tap water have unclean or polluted water. But, better safe than sorry! Have you had a bad travel experience related to drinking water? Are there possible contaminated foods we've missed in this discussion? Share your experience with us. Source: Daily Mail

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