Six Minute Treadmill Tabata

Have you ever been really pressed for time, but know that you need to get a high calorie burning workout in?  I am always looking for a way to get in a super high intensity workout during my lunch break.  Recently, as I was playing around on my treadmill I found a way to burn around 60 calories in 6 minutes.  That may not seem like a lot to you, but when you are speaking in terms of HIIT exercises then we know that the calorie burn lasts way after the workout stops. Try this treadmill tabata today and soon you will begin to see the results of this quick and intense HIIT session. 1.) Begin by standing with your feet straddling the treadmill belt (on the sides of the treadmill) 2) Set the speed to a pace where you will be sprinting (7-9.5 mph) 3) When the clock hits 1 minute  jump on and begin running for 20 seconds (be sure to hold on until you get going) 4) At the 20 second mark jump off and rest for 10 seconds 5) Repeat until the clock reaches 6 minutes. You can do this session as many times as you like, however you only need the 6 minutes to get a great fat burning workout in.


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