Size, does it REALLY matter?

Does SIZE really matter? Is bigger really better? No we aren’t talking about Super Sizing your meal or getting a BIG Gulp from the 7 11, we are talking about the age old question about penis size. This is actually a loaded question, one that has many variables to consider. Of course personal preference is paramount but what about compatibility? We are all made up differently, what may work for one couple may not work for another. According to Medical News Todays web site most men thing that their penis size is below average and that they partners are rather content with their size. An average erect length of a penis ranges from around 4.7 to 6.3 inches. So why are men feeling down about themselves? Why do they doubt themselves when their partners seem pleased? Could it be that the locker room antics lead them to feel inadequate? Are men not being honest with each other and telling their friends the time old tale of “I once caught a fish THIS BIG!” Insinuating the size of their lower region is bigger than it actually is. There are devices out there that can enhance the penis and make it larger, but why not be happy with what you’ve got!! In case you were wondering the average breast size for the ladies is 36C. So, does size matter to you? Here is an interesting video from ASAP Science talking about Penis Size  

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