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Today, the mail brought something very exciting for me: a package from Skinny Teatox. A Canadian based company, they cater to Canada, the US, and the UK, providing 7, 14, or 28-day teatox programs to help boost your metabolism and detox your body. I decided to give it a try when a friend of mine got some good results from doing the 7-day cleanse. skinnytea Why I’m apprehensive:
  • I’ve never done a teatox before, what if my colon explodes? (ok, probably not a valid health concern, but you never know!)
  • There are a lot of companies with products that claim a quick fix, which I am not about – I really believe that if you eat healthy and workout then you’ll see results. Skinny Teatox doesn’t claim to be a miracle product or a quick fix though, it’s something you can add on to your health regime, so I am not overly worried about that aspect, it’s more so just something to keep in mind.
skinnyhipster_teatox_girl_drinking_tea Why I’m excited:
  • It’s a Canadian company and I love buying local, it’s actually the ONLY Canadian based teatox company right now.
  • I’m a huge tea fan in general, and I definitely have teas that settle my stomach, ease a headache, and help with digestion. So, a tea that detoxes the body? Yeah, I can get on board for that.
  • Their website has an insanely detailed FAQ, and when I first emailed skinny teatox about trying it I got a personal response, not a computer generated one.
  • They favourably review other teatoxes, so that they can suggest one for people in areas that they don’t deliver to.
  • They promote good health above weight loss. The teas are designed to help you lose weight, but the company puts a lot of stress on eating clean and exercising.
  • It’s an addition to my health and fitness regime, it doesn’t replace it (someone asked me if I was drinking just tea for two weeks straight and I burst out laughing at their horrified face. I’m pretty sure you would die if you attempted that)
  • Although there are some before and after photos on the site, which are so tacky and often completely fake, it’s not their main focus of review. They instead ask that you send in a video review, which is far more detailed than a miracle photo anyway.
  • I love doing new things!

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