Skinny Teatox Results

A little while ago I mentioned that I was trying out a skinny teatox, and it’s results time! Quick disclaimer: I’m not saying it will work for everyone, I can only speak to my own personal experience. There are two teas in the teatox, a loose-leaf morning tea, which you drink every day, and a bagged nighttime tea, which you drink every second day. I also tried the chocolate energy tea. I am a chocolate tea fanatic – I have 6 different kinds and this made a very nice addition to my collection. Basic benefits of the teatox: -       helps you lose weight -       cleans out your digestive system -       increases energy The morning tea tastes like any other fruity herbal tea, while the nighttime tea has a stronger flavor and smells a bit worse. It tastes fine though, not something I’d gulp down e’eryday, but I added a bit of agave and let it sit until it was lukewarm and it went down easy enough. You’re supposed to eat healthy and exercise while doing the teatox for maximum results, which would usually not be a problem for me, but during the first week that I tried it the communist invasion of my uterus was happening so I ate TERRIBLY. I feel like the tea was working overtime trying to clean out my system and I got a bit of an upset tummy in the mornings, but it would usually pass in an hour or so. Once my sanity, and healthy eating habits, returned, I got much less stomach upsets. teatoxEveryone_is_beautiful_teatox Based on the fact that I lost 2 lbs while consuming all the cheese and carbs and chocolate in the world, as well as the energy I got from the morning tea, I’ll be doing this again. I think it’s a nice addition to any healthy lifestyle, and it’s also a nice incentive to get back on track if you’ve fallen off the health bandwagon because you get quick results. Also, just found out they have a new mint tea, WHICH IS MY JAM, so uh, yeah, definitely getting in on that.

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