SLAM! Heart Pounding HIIT BLAST in UNDER 20 Minutes

With all the rush, hustle and bustle of NOT only the holiday season, but life in general, 1 hour+ workouts are a thing of the past. If I can't complete a workout in under 45 minutes, then I look to something else. That is why HIIT is the way to go for me. Sure I love a 3-4 mile run now and again (and of course when I might be training for a race), but on a weekly basis, the majority of my workouts are fast, efficient, effective and I go hard! This is no different. I wanted to design a workout where you would get the most bang for your buck in UNDER 20 minutes. I have created TONS of workouts that do so, but for this, I wanted to get at least 2 rounds in during that time, and wanted the exercises to include many muscle groups. I also wanted to option to go heavy on the weight if you are advanced enough to do so. For my workout SLAM below, I used a Bosu for the narrow push ups, but you can also do them on the floor, or even put 2 dumbbells down parallel to each other to keep your elbows going straight back during the push up. I also used a bar that is close to 40 pounds for the shoulder work. That is challenging for me. Go heavier or lighter depending on level. You can also forego the weight and do it strictly bodyweight as well. Set your timers for 45 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 18 rounds (6 exercises that will be repeated 3times through with no rest). -HIGH KNEE SPRINT -3 SPIDERMANS + NARROW PUSH UP -SQUAT THRUST + 2 IN/OUT ABS + FRONT KICK (add push up for an advanced move) -PUSH UP ON BAR + UPRIGHT ROW -LONG LEAP + SQUAT THRUST + TUCK JUMP + 180 TURN (add push up for an advanced move) -SQUAT PRESS BAR (should you need to modify, you can always go to your knees for the push ups, but TRY and get a couple in at least on your toes.) The workout is UNDER 20 minutes so GO HARD!!!! I did this workout last week and in under 17 minutes, I had burned 275 calories and my HR and post caloric burn was elevated far after I was showered, had fed my 3 kids dinner, and went to bed! Challenge yourself. You'll be happy you did! Want to see more workouts and information on health and fitness? Check out my Facebook and my youtube page as well!

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