How To Sleep Like a Baby Every Night

After a long day at the office, commuting in traffic, working out, cooking dinner and walking the dog all you want is your bed! But what happens when you lay down and your mind starts going a hundred miles an hour? Frustration sets in. Here are some practical tips to have the best sleep ever…every night! sleepingBeauty-femmewise Avoid late night workouts- Hitting the gym winds the body up and get our cortisol pumping. If you have trouble sleeping, try moving your workout to the mornings, on your lunch break or directly after work so that you have enough time to wind down before bed. Limit caffeine after a certain time- If you are finding that you are having trouble sleeping, then its probably best if you make a new rule for yourself: No caffeinated foods or drinks such as chocolate, coffee, energy drinks and pre-workouts after 12 pm. Digital detox- We may not realize it but the blue light from our favourite gadgets screen is VERY stimulating and prevents the body from producing melatonin, the chemical responsible for putting us to bed. Here is another new rule to put in place: No cell phones or computers after 8 or 9 pm. A light snack- Eat a little more of what you had for dinner or choose something different but keep it light. The body needs to focus on sleep and not digesting a big meal. Aim for under 200 calories and no more than 1 hour before bed! Take a relaxing bath- Draw yourself a warm bath with ½ cup Epson Salt. Not only will this help you cleanse the body but it will lower your cortisol levels- the hormone responsible for keeping you up at night. Take a magnesium supplement- Magnesium is well known for helping to calm the body down and get a good nights rest. Go to bed early- Leave yourself more than enough time to get the rest that you need. Retire an hour early, wind down and get your 7-8 hours!  

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