Slim Down Safely With These 4 Belly Shrinking Drinks

Having trouble shedding those stubborn extra pounds around the waist? Ayurvedic medicine —a holistic approach to medicine that originated in India — suggests picking up these four drinks made with traditional herbs for ensured weight loss in a healthy and natural way. To reduce inflammation: Mango lassi Made from fermented yogurt, lassi is a traditional beverage popular in both India and Pakistan. Ayurvedic medicine suggests that by working to cool the digestive system, lassi aids in gut function. And since it is a yogurt, it contains probiotics, which help to decrease that unwanted feeling and look of bloating. For a flat belly: Ginger tea Known as a great digestive aid, ginger is a solid way to kickstart your metabolism in the morning, as well as reduce mid-morning hunger pangs due to its regulatory effects on blood sugar and serum cholesterol.  By both keeping bloating at bay as well as reducing your appetite, you'll be proud of these powerful benefits as you watch your belly shrink. To stabilize your blood sugar: Chai When you think of chai tea, a sugar-filled beverage may come to mind, but this is not how it was intended to be tasted. When made naturally, the fresh spices are boiled and then steeped in tea leaves, sans artificial chemicals! For balancing your hormone levels: Aloe vera juice Aloe vera is a family of succulent plants filled with viscous gel known for its medicinal properties. Hormone imbalance can cause weight gain, but by ingesting aloe vera, known to stabilize estrogen levels in women, you can help decrease your chances of this happening to you. Do you use Ayurvedic medicine to aid in your well being and weight loss goals? Let us know if you have a favourite belly shrinking drink! Source: Yahoo  

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