Slow It Down: 3 Signs You're Way Too Into Your New Guy

You've met the man of your dreams! You two totally connected over coffee and you think he's just what your looking for. Now you're @mentioning him in gushy love posts and Instagramming "Making banana bread with him <3 My one and only". Maybe you should slam on those breaks before you get too over the top too soon! Here are 3 signs you need to slow it down with your new guy: #1 You pretend to know him way better then you do.  Suddenly you're saying things like "You've got your angry face on" or "I know that tone!". You don't know him, it's only been a week. You have no means to decode his emotions by his facial features. So step back and get to know him for who he really is. #2 Communication Overload He doesn't return your call within 5 minutes so you text him something wacky like "Hellooooo!! Are you alive?!?" followed by 5 more uber creepy replies. Chances are he won't be getting back to you if you do that. #3 You're too public about every detail.  You're way too overzealous with your social media posts. It's only been a matter of days and you've changed your relationship status and started putting up couple-y photos of each other. Slow your roll because if you make everything public, you'll find yourself in a very awkward situation if you break up next week! Share your relationship horror stories with us! Leave a comment below.

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