How To Slow Down Your Drinking and Still Have a Social Life

For most of us, heading out for a few drinks with friends is second-nature. It's imbedded in our culture as what young people do on a Friday night. When you're young and healthy, the implications of drinking on your health is the least of your worries. But drinking can cause problems without you even noticing...until it's too late. Alcohol is the most widely abused substance in America. In large amounts, alcohol can damage your system over time. It can cause ulcers, liver disease, vitamin B deficiency and inflammation. It also can have adverse effects on relationships both family and romantic, create intimacy issues and it can worsen stress and anxiety. The real issue is that many people consider themselves casual drinkers and don't really monitor how much booze they drink on average. Plus, who wants to sit at home on the weekend and not enjoy a night out? Or go out and count every ounce of vodka consumed because they're afraid of liver disease? Well there are ways to curb your consumption and save your body, your organ function and skin's vitality without sacrificing your social life.
  • Set a limit. Realistically women should aim at consuming two to three ounces of alcohol, while men should keep it below three to four ounces. Make a little note on your phone to keep secretly keep of track of what you've had. You should try to limit your drinking days to two nights a week max, and leave two days between each drinking night to allow your body recovery time.
  • Eat and Stay Hydrated. Eat and drink lots of water before drinking, and keep replenishing yourself with water between shots or glasses of wine. This will keep you from getting dehydrated and help flush out the alcohol from your system.
  • Learn why cutting back is so essential. Write a list of 10 reasons why slowing down your drinking can improve your life. Keep adding to it. Start pursuing activities where you can be social without booze. Below are some good reasons to start with.
Cutting back can boost your energy, de-puff your face, help you shed a few pounds and provide clarity to your mind. Quit or cut back drinking recently? Share your story with us!

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