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Smart Sleep? One Powerful New Device

Sleep.  Can you honestly say that you get enough?  Generally speaking, everyone needs more sleep.Be honest may be in bed, however, are you on your phone, checking emails, texting, or on social media instead of soaking up those zzz's?!You know it, I know it, and psychologists know it - we shouldn't be sleeping with our iPhones.  But who said anything about sleeping in an iBed? Introducing Luna, the world's first smart mattress cover, that claims to "make your bed smart in two minutes."  Luna features dual zone temperature, sleep tracking, smart alarm, auto learning, mobile control, as well as smart home integration. Luna_Sleep Luna has two parts: 1) a fitted sheet that interacts with your body while you sleep and 2) a corresponding smartphone app that computes those interactions to help you sleep (and wake up) more effectively.  It can warm your side of the bed (up to 86 degrees) or keep it cool. Luna It track sleeping patterns — heart rate, breathing, sleep phases, without the use of straps or bands.  Luna also has the ability to turn on your lights as you leave the bed, turn off your TV, and lock the door once you fall asleep. It can even start your coffee maker when you wake up and believe it or not, it is machine washable, too. Luna has been featured in Forbes, Vogue, and on NBC News and is currently available for pre-sale.  I can't say it's something I am rushing to invest in, however, it did peak my curiosity. For more information about Luna, please visit  

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