Smoking Hot Sex Positions That Can Double As A Workout!

Sometimes, there aren't enough hours in the day. Between work, friends, your partner and your workout, it can feel impossible to fit it all in. And while making sure you fit in your regular workouts is a major component of a healthy lifestyle, so is embracing, expressing, and sharing your sexuality. Balancing all the elements of your life is essential for sustained happiness. There is no need to forsake your romantic liaisons and there is no need to feel guilty about making the time for a little loving! blog1605 Besides, sex isn't usually some passive, lounging affair (although that can be fun, too!), it takes some serious effort. As you are pleasantly distracted during sex, you may not notice that your muscles are working overtime. Here are just a few positions that require enough muscle activation that you can practically consider them a workout:

1. Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl

In this position, your partner lies on his/her back while you sit astride their body, like you are riding a horse. In this position, you will be engaging your butt and your core. Because your legs will be braced against the floor or the bed, you will be using your abs and pelvic muscles to control your movements. If you want to take things to the next level, come up on to your feet. This will activate the muscles in your hips, your glutes and your quads. It will be a little like doing a squat on top of your partner.

2. The Lotus

While this position may seem passive, it works many of the same muscle groups as the cowgirl. Your partner sits, with legs crossed, and you sit on his/her lap with your legs wrapped around their waist. Your core will be used to stabilize the body, while your glutes are used for thrusting. If you'd like to boost the benefits to your core, modify this to The Armchair position. In this position, you extend your legs over your partner's shoulders. You will really have to contract those abs to keep yourself upright! blog1381

3. Lunges

We know we have to do lunges to get those toned legs we desire but you've probably not considered doing them quite like this. In this position, your partner lays down flat while you sit on top, with one leg planted in front of you and the other stretched out behind, between your partner's legs. This move works your quads, hamstrings, glutes, your inner and outer thigh, core, and hip flexors. If you have a strong lower body and want to give it a little extra work, this move is for you!

4. Scissors

This is another move that appears to be passive but activates many of your stabilizing muscles. When your legs are entwined, as they are in this position, there is not a lot of space for wild, crazy movements. But the small movements that are made require activation of the inner thighs and core. And sometimes, slow, deliberate movements work your muscles harder than intense, fast movements.

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5. The Wheelbarrow

In this position, you are using your arms to support your weight, similar to a plank position while your partner stands behind you, holding your legs. You aren't doing any of the moving in this position but you will be working your core and your upper body in a big way. You will need to activate these muscles in order to stabilize and brace yourself against the movements of your partner. blog1606  

6. The Bridge

In this position, you are facing upward, using all 4 limbs to hold your body up off the bed or floor. This move works EVERYTHING. You will work your biceps, triceps, abs, glutes, quads and calves. Because this is a difficult position, try putting a stack of pillows under your back to help support your weight. We promise, you'll still be working hard, you just may be a little more stable and a little better able to hold the position longer! If you still can't pull it off but want some of the same muscle toning benefits, try The Arch. In the arch position, you will rest your shoulders on the bed/floor while using your legs to hold your body up. This is just like bridge pose, but without the potential shoulder and neck strain!

7. The Total Hug

Want a real challenging calorie burner? Try the total hug. In this position, your partner is standing, holding you up while you wrap your legs around and hold on. This move requires a lot of strength and stamina from you both but it requires a great deal of leg strength and engagement from you to stop yourself from sliding down your partner's body. You will feel this one in your inner thighs but it will be totally worth it!

Does this list convince you to make a little more time for your partner? Like we said before, a healthy sexuality can be a very powerful part of a healthy lifestyle. Just because it is doesn't always feel like a workout, doesn't mean it isn't! Why not grow and tone your muscles while you grow your intimacy? Sounds like a win-win to us, how about you?

Let us know your thoughts!

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