Could Smoking Pot Reduce Crime?

Marijuana became legal in Colorado near the turn of the year, and many naysayers feared the world was going to go to pot (yes, I said it!) thanks to this drastic reform. However, they may have been wrong… According to RT, crime has decreased by "significant margins" since marijuana was legalized.
  • Overall property crime in Denver has decreased by 14.6% since the same time the previous year
  • Homicide rates in the city fell by 66.7%
  • Robberies decreased by 7%
The article mentioned here was published back in April, but an article published by the Huffington Post in July found that crime rates had continued to decline in the months since marijuana was legalized. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Source:[/caption] Granted, not ALL crime decreased. Aggravated assault increased by 2.2% since the legalization of cannabis. However, robberies and burglaries at medical marijuana dispensaries was WAY down, and crime overall in the city has been on a decline. There is a correlation between the two, but that doesn't necessarily mean that smoking pot REDUCES crime. But it just goes to show that legalizing weed won't increase crime, and there may even be some positive effects to it!  
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