Snacking Worldwide

The global snacking industry grossed almost $400 billion last year, and the snacking craze is only growing from there. Neilson has released an incredibly detailed study on how people snack worldwide, and the Washington Post has done a great job of covering the story. They discuss the how, when, what, and who of snacking, and provide a multitude of infographics to explain it all. snackingNA   snackingEurope   snackingAsia It’s bizarre how drastically the shift is from continent to continent, for instance, North Americans are all about the salty snacks, while Europeans love candy – some relation to salt bloat and American obesity clichés, or candy and British teeth jokes could probably be made. One good health truth to come out of this study is that the most sought after snack, globally, is fresh fruit. Now, if people actually ATE fresh fruit the most, we’d be in good shape, as it is, chocolate is globally the most eaten snack. snackingpopularfood snackingactual copy Another global phenomenon: snacking as a meal replacement – and I know, I’m definitely guilty of this from time to time. Breakfast, supposedly the most important meal of the day, is also the most likely to be replaced by a snack. While usually I’d sub in an apple for breakfast, and not go for a bag of chips, it’s still not the healthiest choice, as a single piece of fruit does not a meal make. Snacks definitely have their place though, check out the best pre and post workout snacks here.

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