Sneaky Food Swaps That Can Save You 500 Calories A Day! (Infographic)

Weight loss journeys are seldom easy. Making significant changes to your diet can feel daunting. Cutting your calorie intake by at least 500 calories a days is arguably the most effective way to shed pounds but how do you do that without making yourself feel deprived? It is easier than you might expect. Simply swap high-calorie foods for similar, low-calorie options. The following infographic, put together by Get Slimmer Guide, details 20 of these easy to make changes. After a while, we bet you will come to prefer the low-cal versions! Check it out: 2E5E5C8200000578-3315143-image-a-19_1447324061326 2E5E5C8200000578-3315143-image-a-18_1447324056438 2E5E5C8200000578-3315143-image-a-17_1447324051612 2E5E5C8200000578-3315143-image-a-16_1447324047918 If you look over the swaps, you will see that no one is asking that you give up on your favourite comfort foods. Great news, right? Healthy eating proponent and author of The Body Rescue Plan and The Body Rescue Detox Recipe Book, Christianne Wolff explains,  "if you go to any health food shop they have the equivalent in chocolates, sweets, crisps, ice-cream and more but without the processed sugars." This won't just help your weight loss efforts, it can help keep your blood sugar levels more stable and prevent you from experiencing the energy crash after you eat. Which, of course, keeps you out of that vicious cycle where you find yourself constantly eating junk to keep your energy levels up. "They are also far less addictive and because you are being kinder to your body, you won't get the self saboteur meets the guilty binge," Wolff said. No more terrible guilty feeling! These simple food swaps prove that being kind to your body doesn't have to be difficult! What are your favourite low-calorie food swaps? Did they make the list? Source: Daily Mail

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