Snoozing Our Lives Away

For some of us, the morning alarm comes a little too quickly and it's all too easy to hit the snooze button to get just ten more minutes of sleep before getting up and ready for the day. Taking a closer look, we have to wonder, is that extra ten minutes really beneficial to our bodies? Around 60% of adults in the United States claim that they have issues surrounding their sleeping patterns. Sleep deprivations plays a large role in the deterioration of overall health and can lead to an nonproductive habits at work. According to the Wall Street Journal, lack of sleep has lead to annual net losses approximately $63.2 billion for American companies! So, what's the solution? Hitting the snooze button to grab those extra minutes can be the source of that drowsy feeling we can all relate to. Then, leading to the always dreaded unproductive mornings at work trying to stare at the computer screen and understand what is going on. No, this is not a solid solution for the problem at hand. The conclusion is, if everyone went to bed about 60-90 minutes earlier at night, we would all be happier and healthier in our day to day lives. So, instead of rolling over and hitting that snooze button, get an extra hour at night and feel better about your day ahead! Source: Elite Daily

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