#SnowDayChallege: Total BodyRock Blowout 10 Minute Circuit

So it's 10 degrees out, snowing and you don't feel like driving your butt to the gym. Maybe you don't have a gym membership or just need to change things up! Here is a snow day challenge for you! Only have 10 minutes? Complete the circuit below once. 20 minutes or more, just repeat the circuit as many times as you want for a longer HIIT challenge! You can do this with no weight as a beginner, or add weight for more of a challenge. Don't be afraid to go heavy on the weight when you can! Have 30 minutes? Maybe start out with a heavier weight and then with each round, drop the weight down a couple pounds, or vice versa! Start light and gradually get heavier, but remember by the 3rd round, your muscles will be fatigued, so form and safety with heavy weights, especially raising above your head is a focus. Record your score by seeing how many reps you can get in during the time allotted. Remember to keep form spot on! Don't rush through the bodyweight/weighted exercises. You'll only be cheating yourself and your progress! Each exercise you will repeat for 45 seconds, then move on to the next exercise. Once one full round is complete, rest for 30seconds to 1minute and then repeat the circuit if your time allows. If you are using a timer, you can set it for 45 seconds of work followed by 5 seconds of rest to transition between exercises. There are 11 exercises in total, so timer wise it will be 45 seconds of work, 5 seconds of rest, 11 exercises and/or rounds. Once you finish the 1st set of the 11 rounds/exercises, rest 30-60 seconds and then repeat if desired! This is a high intensity circuit, so go at your own pace. Modify when needed and increase/decrease weight as necessary. If you are unclear of what each exercise is, refer to the photos.  

8 High knees + 4 Alternating jump lunges (45 seconds) 5 seconds rest 8 Mountain Climbers + 4 Push ups (45 seconds) 5 seconds rest 8 Switch kicks + 4 Tuck Jumps (45 seconds) 5 seconds rest Burpees with Push up (45 seconds) 5 seconds rest Squat Press with dumbbells (45 seconds) 5 seconds rest Plank Rows with dumbbells (45 seconds) 5 seconds rest Sumo Squat with Straight arm forward raise with dumbbells(45 seconds) 5 seconds rest Burpees with Push up (45 seconds) 5 seconds rest 4 In and out abs + 4 Plank Jack legs 5 seconds rest Alternating Side to Side lunges with lateral raise with dumbbells (45 seconds) 5 seconds rest Burpees with Push up (45 seconds)


Remember, if you are just starting out you do NOT have to use weight with the weighted work above. If you do not have dumbbells, you can use  images-9tubing, kettle-bells, barbells, even soda cans! If you are not using weight, use slow and controlled movements, engaging your core and focusing on the muscles being used.

Below, find examples of all the exercises above. Challenge yourself and have fun on your snow day in!!

High knees and Jump lunges

high knees, jump lunges Mountain Climbers and Push up

mt climbers and push ups

Switch Kicks and tuck jumps

switch kicks and tuck jumps

  Burpees with a push up burpees with push up Squat Press with Dumbbells squat press with dumbbells   Plank Row with Dumbbells plank row Sumo Squat with Straight arm Raise (you can also use 2 dumbbells, 1 dumbbell, kettle-bell) sumo squat straight arm raise   In and out abs plus plank jack legs in and out abs plus jack legs     Alternating side to side lunges with a lateral raise side lunge with lateral raise  

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