#SnowDayChallenge Legs and butt workout

Like many women my thighs are my ‘problem area’, so I created my own workout to combat this area. I find it best to do after some cardio so that these exercises burn as much fat as possible, but it can be done any time. I often do this after a Bodyrock workout to push myself even harder…if I can manage it! This targets your legs and butt. Even if you can only manage it once through you will still have achieved more than if you didn't try. Give it a go...   20 Walking kick lunges 30 Star jumps 20 Inner thigh lifts (on each side) 20 Kickbacks 20 Squats with side leg lift   Repeat this 2/3 times through and feel the burn, and remember, this will hurt, but quitting hurts more.

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