#SnowDayChallenge: Treadmill Free Cardio

With Snowmageddon barreling down on most of North America in a Day After Tomorrow kind of way, it can be pretty hard to get your cardio in unless you have a treadmill at home. But don't worry, I have you covered with this cardio blast that you can do at home with minimal equipment. The key to getting in a good cardio workout is to go all out as hard and fast as you can for each exercise. By the end of the four minutes, you should be completely burnt out. This is a Tabata style workout. See below for how to set your timer and the list of exercises. There are four exercises and you will go through the list twice by the time your timer beeps for its last time.

Gymboss Timer Settings

Rounds:8 Work: 20 seconds Rest: 10 seconds


Kettlebell Swings Squat Jumps High Knees Jump Lunge Combine your Tabata cardio workout with one of these Anywhere Workouts: Anywhere workouts Graphic by Arya Ziai   Photo by: dickuhne

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