Soccer Star Alex Morgan's World Cup Workout and Fitness Tips

Summer is almost here and no doubt you are feeling extra motivated to get your bod looking right. Soccer star (and US Olympic Gold Medalist), Alex Morgan, is training hard for the FIFA Women's World Cup in Canada and has some tips for you. Can you think of anyone in better shape than a soccer player? alexmorgan2

Get That Cardio In

"As a forward, I'm always doing interval runs. I do a 2:1 ratio of running and jogging. So, for every two-minute stride I take a one-minute jog. I try to repeat this at least six times. At the very end, I run a mile at my top speed to see how tired I've gotten compared to when I go for my normal mile run. The goal is to minimize the difference in times so I can be less fatigued in the 80th minute of a game. I also do lots of lunges, squats, and core-strengthening exercises in the gym."

Get Your Mind Right

"Mentally, I've learned that failure is sometimes inevitable—especially in soccer. You have a 50/50 chance of winning, but if you're able to overcome a loss, you'll be stronger because of it." alexmorgan3

Grab a friend

"My sister loves when I put her through my national team workout or lifts at the gym. I think it's always better to have a workout buddy to push you and hold you accountable!"

Believe in yourself

"Having confidence in any sport you play or workout you do is key. You need to look and feel your best out on the field, on the court, or wherever it may be. That's why I teamed up with Tampax Pearl Active. I want girls to get off the sidelines and into the game every day of the month. My team also always pulls out the red, white, and blue polish during the World Cup to dress up a little—be on the lookout!" alexmorgan4

Create a fitness plan

"I think it's important to make a schedule and stick to it. Set goals for yourself too. When you reach them, all the work you put in will feel so worth it.

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